Welcome to our feature 10 minutes in the tackroom. This is a regular feature where we ask riders, businesses and charities 12 questions and they have a maximum of 10 minutes to answer them.

This week in the saddle is Ciara from Coopers Hill Equine. You can follow Coopers Hill Equine on Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Google+ and Instagram where you can see much more about the fantastic facilities at Coopers Hill and book your riding holiday.

Coopers Hill 10 minutes in the tackroom. EquissimoCoppers Hill 10 minutes in the tackroom. Equissimo

Tell us about your horse!

We have a horse for every day of the week! Most are Irish Cobs that are firm favourites with all our visitors.

Tell us a horse joke!

10 minutes in the tackroom. Equissimo

What do you do when you aren’t with your horse?

Mainly have some family time, we like to go for long drives to the coast and find new places to ride. There are always some little and big jobs that need doing around the barn too.

What do you love about the horsey community?

Everyone knows your struggles without ever having to mention them and everyone knows your highs.

What do you dislike about the horsey community?

The gossip, and judgemental attitudes you can across! Check out the #notonmyyard campaign.

Do your family share your passion of horses?

No one other than myself but my business partners family have been horse people for generations

Tell us your funniest horse related story!

That time out drag hunting for the first time ever that I got stuck behind one wall and just didn't have the energy to ride through. Refused it so many times we were then the last pair to go. The crowd had gathered and tried to boost my confidence by clapping, then a big collective  sympathetic “aaaagh” when I didn't make it. I think I took that wall on about 15 times and when I finally made it over the wall there was a huge roar from the crowed. I might as well have been at the RDS

Who is your favourite famous horse rider?

Eddie Macken Read more about Eddie Macken here.

Who is your favourite famous horse?

Cruising Read more about Crusing here.

How many times have you fallen off?

Lost count.

What horsey product can’t you live without?

Detangler spray, cos it works in my own hair & my home made fly repellent spray.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!

If I could have any job in the world when I was a kid it would have been a Canadian Mountie or a forest ranger.... just cos  I thought I'd have a horse.

Well done Ciara! you have completed the 10 minutes in the tackroom challenge. If you would like to take part in the challenge, email info@equissimo.co.uk.

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