Welcome to our feature, 10 minutes in the tackroom. This is a regular feature where we ask riders, businesses and charities 12 questions and they have a maximum of 10 minutes to answer them.

This week in the saddle we have Nikki from Welfare blog Happy Hooves, You can follow Nikki on Facebook, Twitter, and the Happy Hooves Blog.

Tell us about your horse!


Currently on the prowl for a new best friend

Tell us a horse joke!

Where do horses go when they are ill? The horsepital

What do you do when you aren’t with your horse?

Look for a horse, work a non horse related job, blog and a work hard as a
mum and partner

What do you love about the horsey community?

Always willing to help you out

What do you dislike about the horsey community?

Tradition and elitism

Do your family share your passion of horses?


Yes they have no choice, Lyra loves to ride

Tell us your funniest horse related story!

When a horse I was looking after pooped on my lunch- I still ate it

Who is your favourite famous horse rider?

Mary King of course Read more about Mary King here

Who is your favourite famous horse?

Milton Read more about Milton here

How many times have you fallen off?

More than the recommended amount

What horsey product can’t you live without?

Horse and hound mag

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!

I lived and worked in Australia for three years and hate the word Pamphlet

Well done Nikki! you have completed the 10 minutes in the tackroom challenge. If you would like to take part in the challenge, email info@equissimo.co.uk.

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