Welcome to our feature, 10 minutes in the tackroom. This is a regular feature where we ask riders, businesses and charities 12 questions and they have a maximum of 10 minutes to answer them.

This week in the saddle we have Private Holly Hall. Private Hall is part of the United Kingdom Armed Forces Equestrian Team (UKAFET). The UKAFET is made up from members from all our Armed Forces who carefully balance the challenge of serving the United Kingdom with pursuing their equestrian ambitions.

You can follow the UK Armed Forces Equestrian Team on Facebook and Instagram

Tell us about your horse

Wkd San Remo is a 16h bay mare 9yo ISH. I've only had her 9 months but we've really come together very quickly as a team. She can be quite sassy and a bit of a handful at times but she loves to jump! She's very sweet natured and kind to handle. The longer we're together the better we're getting


Tell us a horse joke

This joke was too naughty to print!

What do you do when you aren't with your horse?

Work - which is exercising racehorses!
What do you love about the horsey community?
The team work! Because if you're struggling there's always someone there willing to help even if you don't know them!
What do you dislike about the horsey community?

How quickly people criticise other riders without knowing the facts.

Do your family share your passion for horses?
Only my Mum, Everyone else is scared of them.

Tell us your funniest horse related story?

Remo was recently in season and being extremely sassy. I was attending a UKAF training weekend and we were about to start jumping a course when I asked for canter. She put in a massive buck and at the same time squirted her lady business and her tail flicked it all over my arm and face!! Everyone else thought it was hilarious. I however, wiping it off my face wasnʼt that impressed!
tenminutesinthetackroom Private Holly Hall

Who is your favourite famous horse rider?

Sam York!
You can read more about Sam York here.

Who is your favourite famous horse?

Shadowfax, because I love a grey.
You can read more about Shadowfax here.
How many times have you fallen off?
Countless, I couldn't even try to remember all the times.

What horsey product can't you live without?

My bridging reins and of course, Polos!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I snort when I laugh.

Well done Private Hall, you have completed the #10minutesinthetackroom challenge. If you would like to take part in the challenge please email info@equissimo.co.uk.

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