elcome to our feature, 10 minutes in the tackroom. This is a regular feature where we ask riders, businesses and charities 12 questions and they have a maximum of 10 minutes to answer them.

This week in the saddle we have Sophie Cain AKA Tales of the Pocket Rocket Pony

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Tell us about your horse

Hector is a 14-year-old 14.2 Connemara pony, I have owned him for nine and a half years. He was bought to be a show pony and we competed for a few years showing before he got bored and started to misbehave. Now we have found his love for jumping he goes eventing. He is very cheeky but very loving, although gets very jealous if I am around other horses!

Tell us a horse joke

A pony went to the doctor complaining about having a sore throat. The doctor said: “It’s OK, you’re just a little horse.”

What do you do when you aren't with your horse?

I go to Newquay Fit Camp, Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning's at 6am. I also love taking my dogs on adventures and drinking prosecco.

What do you love about the horsey community?

The support and encouragement you receive and the new friends you make from it.

What do you dislike about the horsey community?

How spiteful some people can be, especially on social media. People forget words do hurt.

Do your family share your passion for horses?

I am the only one who rides now but my parents used to ride and my sister did for a long time, I started riding at 18 months old whilst she was on her lessons.

Tell us your funniest horse related story?

So a couple of years ago I was competing Hector at the Royal Cornwall Show, after I finished I loaded Hector in the trailer with no boots on as Danielle and I were going to go a drink and I didn’t want him getting hot. When I got back I squeezed in his side and got his front boots on, I then went under the back bar to put his last back boot on and I heard him fart - I knew what was coming and tried to get out the way but he Pooped all over my head and down the back of me. Danielle and I were in hysteric's, she had to pour a bucket of water over me which I'm sure she enjoyed.

Who is your favourite famous horse rider?

Zara Tindall (Philips)

You can read more about Zara Tindall here

Who is your favourite famous horse?


You can read more about Milton here

How many times have you fallen off?

Too many

What horsey product can't you live without?

My magic brushes – they are Amazing!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I'm really allergic to horses!

Well done Sophie you have completed the #10minutesinthetackroom challenge. If you would like to take part in the challenge please email info@equissimo.co.uk

Sophie Cain Showjumping

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