Gutted to not be attending our first UK Armed Forces fixture this weekend due to Zenna having a bad back...

She really struggled while jump schooling 2 weeks ago and I knew something wasn't right but after 2 physio sessions and a saddle check and some well deserved rest we are hopefully all good to go and I can start riding her from Sunday.

Thank you so much Ben Dunning at Prestige for coming out quickly to check her saddle and to the AMAZING Rachel Quinn Veterinary Physiotherapy for fitting me in on a Saturday to look at Zenna and for her follow up appointment today. Can't thank you enough. You've been Brilliant  I will be working with Rach on some ridden exercises next week to get Zenna working through here back and then hopefully we can get jumping again ready for Royal Tournament in 2 weeks.

Zenna looking agile in her lovely new corn blue headcollar from Equissimo today 

Zenna equine horse physioZenna horse equine physio

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