Yesterday we went to a huge county show called Ryedale show.

Ryedale County Show ground

To start the day off when we arrived I got extremely stressed about a jump that wasn't even in the course πŸ™„ well done Emily. We had a difficult warmup as other riders wanted the fence much higher than I did. After 10 minutes I had to get my friend to put it down a bitΒ (about 80cm front bar 90cm back bar). Unfortunately after all the waiting Marius didn't want to jump, he stopped, resulting with me going thud. This was my first county show and has lots of spectators so we went in our class both a bit shaken up.

Marius decided he wouldn't even go over the first jump. So I jumped him over the second jump and retired.

Next was the in-hand veteran class. With 22 in the class, we went in not expecting to even to be pulled in in the top 6. Marius redeemed himself and came SECOND I was super proud.

Then we went into the championship not expecting anything because I went in with a second place and loads of people were going in with firsts. We decided just to go in for the experience. We were pulled in reserve champion and everyone got so emotional (excluding Marius) including me bursting into tears of joy in the ring. The judge said I showed him extremely well. We have been instructed by the official veteran judge and the two stewards to sign him up to the veteran society.

Emily and Marius Reserve Champion at Ryedale Show
We have qualified for POYS once again, P(uk), BSPA 2017, equifest 2017 and VHS (veteran horse society) regional championship πŸ’—

Super proud of him... on a side note I found out Marius likes Cornish pasties, sausage rolls and chips πŸ˜‚

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