It’s been a little while since I last did a blog and everything has changed... again!


It’s hard to know where to start really as all three horses have moved stables, I’m no longer self employed and we are ever closer to Bella’s due date. 


As I write this the horses are all doing great *touchwood* (I hope I do not have any injured horses tomorrow)! Due to a change of working circumstances which I will explain shortly I moved all three horses to three different yards. So Bella (my mare in foal) is on grass livery, she is loving being feral but I really miss seeing her everyday. Fortunately Bells is only a 5 minute drive from Daisy, the dark nights mean I can only see her on weekends but she is doing ok and very happy out which makes me feel slightly better. I can’t believe there is a little foal growing in Bella, I get very emotional when I see the Lloyds advert!


Baby Bells is due May 2020!! Tigger has moved back to a DIY yard where my mum mostly looks after him but has assistance and I help out when I can on evenings and every weekend. Tigger is quite happy ticking over, I’m a bit gutted I can’t ride him as much as I would like to as he had been going so well. Fingers crossed Tigger will join Daisy and I shortly on our yard but until then it’s a bit of a juggling act trying to ride him.


Last but certainly not least is Daisy. I’ve moved Daisy to the livery stables I kept Bella before she was injured & where I worked over the summer. It is amazing to be back as a livery! I’m not ashamed to say I love being on part livery. It’s such a relief to know Daisy is cared for in the week as well as I would myself. On the weekends Daisy is on DIY so I still do my bit of mucking out and haven’t completely lost reality. Being at three different places is as mad as it sounds and hard work but hopefully only temporary. I’m going to do an individual blog for each horse and go in to more details about what they have been up to as there is to much to fit in to this one!


I am no longer working as a self employed groom/rider. I absolutely loved all of the work I did over the past 6 months but I couldn’t keep two horses. Physically it was too demanding to work 10 hour plus days then have to ride and finish my own. Financially I couldn’t fit in the hours I needed to work to make ends meet and have time to care for my own horses. I am now working five minutes from home in an office as part of the Accounting team. I love my new job, the hours are very good and I am really enjoying working in a finance role. I miss being my own boss but I have more freedom with time and money then I did before. 


Health wise I’m not doing too great. I’m currently going through tests and fingers crossed I’ll have some answers in early January. To be completely honest my physical and mental health have been poor the past 12 months. I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid in October 2018, this is now thankfully under control. My mental health is what it is, I do feel in control of it now and have done for a good few months.


With both of these things being managed I was hoping to feel better but the truth is I wasn’t. I am very lucky that I have great doctors who are proactive so I am getting sorted. I have an unpleasant but necessary hospital appointment in early January. I wish it was sooner and I’m already anxious about it. Fortunately I don’t need an urgent appointment which is reassuring hence why I have to wait a few more weeks for my next appointment. On a selfish note it’s longer to worry about the appointment and the results. I will share all of the details once I have a diagnosis. 


I will leave it here for now as think I’ve covered everything! In my next blog I’ll tell you more about how the feral mum to be is coping & our journey so far. 


Keep kicking on 😊