A little Seb update... last week I thought he didn't feel 100% which is odd as hes been pretty awesome of late  I made the decision to withdraw from our competition last week as he means way to much not to listen. This week Seb has had physio and we have found a few niggles which we are working on so for now Seb is going to have a little break whilst we resolve his niggles. Fear not tho as Seb will still be modelling and posing for photos 

In the mean time I am going to be riding my Mum's coblet Billy... so let me introduce you! Meet Billy, he is a cheeky 15.3 irish cob, who I have previously ridden and competed  Billy loves hacking, jumping and schooling and is very capable for a chunky coblet  so for now team Seb  is becoming team coblet  #teamequissimo

karla butler dressage billy

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