WOW… 2019 can only be described as my best year yet and a complete whirl wind.

 So far the year has seen Ozzie and I gain two National titles and I got married, and were only half way through the year with lots more to look forwards to.

Last weekend I married my best friend and can only describe it as the best day of my life… apart from walking down the aisle in front of everyone has to be the scariest thing I have ever done, oh and the first dance… can you tell I don’t like people staring at me? Put me on a horse any day!

My horses have been enjoying a bit of downtime over the last month (they were supposed to have the whole month off but it turns out they’re not very good at just relaxing in the field!). I have however had to keep Ozzie ticking over as I have been lucky enough to be invited to compete at Bolesworth International Horse Show in the Prix St George invitational next Thursday (13th of June), which I am beyond excited about.

My focus is now back on my training and preparing my horses for the busy months ahead. I’m pleased to say I have three of my horses qualified for the British Dressage Summer Regionals in five different classes – from novice up to PSG. So lots of work to do over the next five weeks.

In the lead up to a big competition I always feel the need to cram as much training in as possible, but have come to realise over the last year, Ozzie doesn’t like this! I’ve learnt that the fresher I can keep him before a competition, the better he performs (especially at the bigger competitions).

My plan before Bolesworth is to do most of my training by watching back over training sessions I’ve made my mum record. I find it really useful to record my training sessions so that I can look back and remind myself what I need to work on. A useful tip for anyone wanting to improve their performance without putting all the pressure on the horse. Ozzie on the other hand will enjoy a day at the beach this weekend – one of his favourite places!

Anyway, that’s enough from me for now. Looking forward to writing another blog very soon.

Laura  x