Hi again all! It has been quite a while since I blogged about my mare, Tammy. She’s a 16.1 bay 5yo ex racer that I purchased unseen (vetted) from Ireland much earlier in the year. I was looking to purchase a horse to not be quite so seriously into competing on. One I could hunt, team chase and also event if I can afford to run 3 horses in a season! I also purchased her as I’ve wanted a foal for about 5 years now and just never had the right kind of mare to breed from. As much as I love my little Roo I couldn’t breed from her as she’s quite small (14.1hh) and I don’t know much  about her previous breeding. Breeding is so costly and so much can go wrong that I didn’t want to just breed for the sake of it. And I’ve had my eye on a 16.3 Trakener showjumping stallion for the last 4 years. So after getting to know Tammy and falling in love with her boldness, bravery and her want to please… I decided she could spend a bit of time off after her racing career and have a baby!

This decision was made reasonably late in the breeding season but the wonderful Monks Stud agreed to take her and put her to my dream stallion, Monk Stafford ESC. Tammy, being a maiden and late in the season was quite unpredictable with her ovulation timing but the vets and dedicated staff members at the stud made my dream come true when she was confirmed in foal! Two weeks later I went to the stud for heartbeat scan and we got the all clear to bring her home. She’s been keeping my old retired boy on his toes turned out in the field whilst she’s cooking. Whether she’s getting the early signs of a baby bump or just putting on weight well, I’m not sure… but she’s glowing for her pregnancy. She is due the 5th August 2020 and I have everything crossed for a healthy baby!