I am waiting for Roo to get better to compete. I have recently purchased a lovely Arab X Welsh Palomino 3 and a half year old. We are backing and breaking her and then she’ll have the winter off. So we must wait to compete. Just today, I have purchased a rather sensitive and difficult horse to break in. He is going to be a big wait as from his behaviour it is clear he has never been broken properly or treated well. So we must wait for him to trust us. WE MUST WAIT!!!

Some of you may also remember my lovely Tammy, the 5yo ex-racer from Ireland. I have already waited a long time to purchase her as he is for me and not to sell (just like Roo). She has proven herself to be a fantastic mare, doing a dressage test, galloping up the downs, soaring in showjumping lessons and beasting cross country schooling. However, when she first came over I had to tick all the usual boxes. Strangles test to come out of isolation… tick. Flu and tet jabs… tick. Teeth… tick. Farrier… tick. Physiotherapist… tick. The only one of these she got pulled up on was the physio. She was tight all over. Sore in her poll right to her dock. I am not going to start a discussion on the racing industry but it was clear that it had taken it’s toll on my poor girl. Our fabulous physio gave us some homework and then told us to crack on as usual. 9 weeks later our physio returned to give Tammy a check over. Everything was miles better and softer apart from her back. This had only mildly improved. Now this is where I love my physio because she doesn’t beat around the bush… she came straight out and said this mare should have 6 months off to allow her muscles to completely relax. The first thing to pop into my head was MORE WAITING!!!!

But then my brain thought all of our lovely animals are worth waiting for. They give us so much and in return we need to give them love and time. My brain also then thought… maybe I should extend the waiting period for Tammy. Maybe I should turn 6 months off into 18 months off and gain a little extra member to my herd.

And now I’m going to keep you waiting! Because this news, with any luck, will hopefully be worth the wait.