I want to have a serious post moment here.

We ask our horses to do some serious jobs. Carrying a human on their back (and lets face it most of us aren’t Charlotte du jardin and are a bit one sided or unbalanced) is a lot of work for them and not a job I’d want !!

But I still remain stunned at the number of people who don’t have someone regularly check their horses back/neck/hamstrings etc for tight spots.

Lux and Rolo both have regular sports massage treatments from the amazing Emma Beckham Equine Sports & Rehabilitation Massage Therapist. I 100% believe that she has kept my boys sound and in work by relieving tension and identifying areas of concern that I can work on to ensure both of them stay fit and healthy.

If Emma says poles. We do poles. If Emma says no jumping. We don’t jump.

If your horse is suffering from a loss of performance or isn’t going as well on one rein or seems less happy in their ridden work please find a therapist you can trust and get your pony checked. And when you find a therapist like I have. Don’t chop and change. Stick to someone who will follow through the treatments and get to know you and your horse.

Your pony will thank you for it!!

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