Wow. What an eventful 48 hours. 
Started well. Prep done and lots of time to spare so off we trot to the showground at 1700 with plenty of time to spare.
Right up until the slave cyclinder went on the lorry right on a roundabout 🙈 queue police shutting roads and a mercy rescue mission of my horse from the NEXT car park. He was remarkably well behaved and less stressed than I thought he’d be. 
This morning was ok. Plenty of time to walk around and take in the sights. Lux was as expected very much on his toes and this was demonstrated by his broncing round the ring so I took the decision to take him out. 
There wasn’t long till next class so I worked him in a little More and he actually started to be pretty relaxed. So in we went for our HOYS class. Don’t get me wrong he was very happy to be back in the ring and was pulling like a freight train the whole time but we did the go round. And the confirmation where the judge rather liked him. 
At this point we would have come 6th overall however lux has always had issues with men. I believe he’s been mistreated in the past. So on got the ride judge and I swear lux grew another 2hh and had the guy put any leg on him I think lux would have gone up. So the judge made the wise decision not to push it and got off. Resulting in us leaving the ring. 
A shame but so many lessons learned and I am so so so so proud of my amazing pony for doing as well as he did. 
Time to go away and work on the lessons.

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