Show day again today!!

Didn’t get off to the best start as the lorry battery was flat so a 90 minutes drive then straight on and in less than 10 minutes straight in the ring. Lux pulled third which isn’t his usual but with no warm up and still being super tight I can’t hold that against him at all.

He then had a bit of time to walk round and relax and went and smashed ridden home produced (which I love as so much hard work went into him)

We didn’t do ridden champs as horse was very hot. Our first county show is in 5 days. I just wanted him out there and a little warm up.

I’m so pleased with my crazy pony. He had a nice cool (non alcoholic) pimms to celebrate his awesomeness

Thanks as always to the amazing Equissimo for their support of my little string!

Lux drinking pimms

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