Here in the UK, as a nation the weather is our favourite subject of conversation. So it won’t surprise anyone that one of the biggest topics we are talking about with our customers is how to cope in this prolonged period of hot weather.

Our main advice, for both horse and rider is of course to drink plenty and refresh your electrolytes, ride in the cooler times of the day where possible and use sun protection. Of course horses are kept in work all across the globe in a wide variety of climates. There are products available that make it easier for both horse and rider to manage the heat and recover quickly.

In this blog we list our favourite 5 products that make life easier for you and your horse in this hot weather. For all our favourite products visit our #beattheheat collection.

1  Mark Todd Mesh Cooler

From The Mark Todd Collection, this mesh cooler is a multi-functional rug that is perfect for the warm weather.

Mark Todd Mesh Cooler

This rug has been made from a highly breathable mesh weave fabric. It is designed to wick sweat/water from your horse accelerating drying time. It is ideal for horses that sweat while travelling but need to be simultaneously kept clean. It is also ideal for horses cooling down after exercise or drying after bathing.

2 Kingsland Karina F-Tec Riding Tights

From Kingsland Equestrian, the Karina F-Tec riding tights have been designed specifically for summer. Made from a breathable fabric these breeches have been designed to keep you cool. The feature unique and innovative mesh panels that increase air ventilation.

Kingsland Karina Riding Tights

The fabric is thin without being see through and they are incredibly flattering, holding you in, in all the right places. Like all Kingsland breeches they have been designed with performance in mind and are cut for extra flexibility in the leg while the silicone knee helps you stay secure in the saddle.

3 Equi N Ice

The Equi n Ice range utilises a unique and patented cooling system. Heat is drawn away from the tissue unlike other cooling methods that simply cool the outer skin surface.

 Equi N Ice Rug Equi N Ice Ice Socks

Clinical trials have shown application of Equi N Ice products can reduce the horses outer temperature by 7° in just 10 minutes.

Equi N Ice offer a variety of products including a rug, socks (which are ideal for tendons, knees and hocks and bandages. All items can be used multiple times as they are recharged by replacement fluid. No freezing or mess.

4. Miasuki Helmet

Designed by Miasuki and engineered by KEP Italia on the Cromo helmet, these hats benefit from KEP Italia’s unique cooling system, they weigh just 500 grams and come with 5 different safety ratings.

Miasuki Rider Helmet BlackMiasuki Riding Helmet Winner Amarone

These helmets mean no more sweating forehead and hat hair, available only at Equissimo at an unbelievable introductory price

5. Kentucky Horsewear Air Tendon Boots

 Kentucky Horsewear Air Tendon Boot

These horse boots combine a unique ventilation system with 100% breathability to prevent tendons overheating with outstanding protection against impacts and blows thanks to D30 technology.

When horses tendons overheat it makes injury and stress much more likely boots such as these are essential in warm weather to reduce the risk to your horse.  

Don’t forget you can take a look at all our other #beattheheat products here.

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