Here at Equissimo we know that we are a bit different to other equestrian retailers.

We have always been proud of our pledge to support grass roots riders and equine welfare, and have been delighted to prove our values on a daily basis.

Finding brands to work with who share our values alongside the commitment to act on those values isn't easy. This is why we are delighted to be working with Miasuki.


Who are Miasuki?

Miasuki are a luxury equestrian brand who design beautiful equestrian items made to the highest standards and hand finished with immaculate attention to detail.

All of their fabrics are designed for the best technical performance and durability while looking aesthetically beautiful. 

Miasuki collaborate with premium engineering such as KEP Italia to ensure they design their items to the highest standard.

How do Miasuki share Equissimo's values?

Miasuki share our passion for premium, quality, safety and grass roots riders. Like us they believe that grass roots riders are the lifeblood of the equestrian community and without grass roots riders, the equestrian industry will not thrive.

At Equissimo we are passionate about educating riders about the importance of how their equipment can impact their performance. Miasuki design products that allow the rider to have complete freedom of movement and comfort in the saddle. 

Their range of equestrian products ensure that the rider stays cool, comfortable and composed in the saddle. The range is designed to be durable and long lasting, Miasuki engineer their products using only the highest, pure grade italian and swiss fabrics, that are chosen for their durability, resilience and comfort.

Miasuki have commited to help us support our team of brand ambassdors as they share our belief that it is as important for the rider to have the best technical products as it is for the horse.

What do our team of brand ambassadors think?

So we could test what our brand ambassadors thought of our newest brand, all our brand ambassadors have been given a Miasuki Rider or Winner helmet, alongside a pair of Miasuki Socks.

Miasuki Winner Riding HelmetMiasuki Rider Helmet Black

Miasuki helmets

Miasuki riding helmets are engineered by KEP Italia. This means they benefit from all the same features as KEP helmets. This includes 5 safety ratings (VG1 01.040 2014-12, SEI/ASTM F1163/2015, EN 1384, PAS015 and British Kitemark).

They weigh just 500 grams and benefit from a unique air circulation system to keep your head cool.

Here is what our brand ambassadors have to say!

"It’s feather light. So so cool I hardly sweat in it even after riding two in this heat. It’s stylish as and everyone on my yard wants one. Michelle

Miasuki Helmet in Amarone

Lightweight, breathable and stylish! The hat glistens in the sunshine and everyone loves it and wants one!  I love the amazing cleaning kit that comes with the hat! Karla

Miasuki Helmet Black

I’ve never had so many comments when it comes to a hat, it’s amazing, who doesn’t love a compliment 
It goes without saying that it’s very easy on the eye, it’s a beauty!
Most hats look utterly ridiculous on me. This one is fairly low profile so it’s very flattering. 
It’s ridiculously lightweight; definitely guilty of forgetting to take it off. Sophie

Miasuki Rider Helmet Black

I love the visor on the hat... was pretty lush when the sun was beating down the other day. Zoe

Miasuki Rider Helmet Black

I personally think my hat has some kind of magic power. Whenever I take selfies without it I look like a troll until I edit with a million filters and when I put the hat on its like instant supermodel and every picture is perfect.  I absolutely love its shininess and the matt visor it's so chic. The silver trim just adds to the essence of the quality. Steff

Miasuki Rider Helmet Black


All our Miasuki helmets are currently on an introductory offer, which offers an unbelievable opportunity to get a helmet of such an outstanding quality and style at an amazing price.

Shop the full range of Miasuki 

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