Thank you for visiting Equissimo.

So what on earth is it all about I can hear you shouting.

Well you have probably guessed we are an equestrian retailer. So what? well we are a little bit different.... why? well read on.

Equissimo has been founded because after a career in senior equestrian retail management we became frustrated at the lack of support, and welfare awareness that large retail companies were giving to riders, in particular grass roots riders.

This frustration alongside a passion for premium product and customer service lead to Equissimo.

Equissimo is a premium equestrian retailer that works hard to build links in the local community and support and educate grass roots riders. Equissimo will only offer products that will either directly or indirectly be neutral or improve equine welfare. We have seen multiple instances of risk of harm to either riders or their horses driven by lack of education and we want to use our position, knowledge and wide contact base to educate and support horse owners and change the way that the Equine Retail Industry works.

To prove our intent we have already started supporting our local riding club Homestead Riding Club who can be found HERE We are also supporting two local riders EMILY and SOPHIA and we will be featuring their blogs here and across our FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM pages.

Not only that but we will be reaching out to the grass roots equestrian community, offering them the opportunity to be guest bloggers. 

We hope you will support a new business who's focus isn't profit and shareholders but equine welfare and education.

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Fantastic to see a company focused on welfare and grass root riders.


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