Here at Equissimo, we have been quietly working on many things to celebrate our 1 year birthday.

While we have to wait a while to tell you everything we are delighted that we can introduce you to our new logo.

Why did we change it?

We loved our old logo, and the market research that we did told us our customers loved it too but we had to change it for a couple of reasons.

1.Our old logo had been set up when we first launched, it was a designed in house to launch our business quickly as we wanted to bring our vision of trading a different way by supporting grass roots riders and equine welfare. We feel we have now found our feet as a new business and it is time to have a logo that represents us more accurately

2. Our old logo wasn't copyrighted and we had been aware for a few months of other businesses using it (quite legally). This was flattering as it meant they loved the logo as much as we did but it did mean it was easy to confuse our brand with others.

How did we choose this?

We worked closely with a design company and shared our ethos and the style of business we are and they came up with a wide variety of logos for us.

We also worked closely with our team of brand ambassadors and took their opinions and views on board. We also looked at other businesses and brands that we admire, we wanted to ensure our logo was individual to us but reflected us as a brand.

Equissimo Logo

We are absolutely delighted with our new logo and we hope you like it too!



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