Here at Equissimo we have two core values.

1. Grass Roots Riders

We passionately believe that grass root riders are the lifeblood of the equestrian community. We believe that as a retailer we have a moral obligation to provide support, education and guidance where possible.

We proactively offer support to grass roots riders via our #10minutesinthetackroom blog, by having a team of exclusively grass roots riders as our brand ambassadors and by constantly engaging with the grass roots rider community across our social media pages.

We also have an open blog for any grass roots riders who want to take part and have featured blogs on a wide variety of topics from overcoming bullies to equine welfare.

So what are grass roots riders?

We define a grass roots rider as a non professional rider, someone who has to work to keep their horses and doesn’t earn a living from riding. Grass roots riders make up over 90% of the horse riding community and are driven by love for all things equestrian. They may keep horses as pets, hack occasionally or they may be competing against the professionals but they are all juggling work, study or family (or a combination of all three) with a passion for their horses.

2. Equine Welfare

We are passionate about equine welfare, and when we launched we pledged to only stock products that either improved equine welfare or had a neutral impact.

For us we believe that both grass roots riders and raising awareness of equine welfare issues are linked. By raising awareness of our brand ambassadors that always have their horse’s best interests at heart, we can help the constant education that horse ownership is. Of course we also learn constantly from our customers, education is always a two way street.

We are proud to be doing things differently.

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