Kentucky Horsewear Lightweight Stable Rug RRP £147.00


When I saw that Kentucky Horsewear were releasing a 0g stable rug I HAD to get it, I’ve never owned a Kentucky rug before but I have a large variety of their other products. This is due to the high quality and the ease of washing/cleaning - they never appear to look worn and always pop out of the wash good as new.


My rug arrived in time for our trip to Bicton and I couldn’t wait to try it on Brian. It fit like a dream and the artificial rabbit skin lining is just dreamy. The inner lining of the rug is super smooth and made his coat incredibly shiny! The lining also prevents your hair from sticking to the rug so it won’t clog up your washing machine! The outside of the rug just feels and looks fabulous too,  he lay down in his stable but thankfully due to the outer layer of the rug none of his shavings stuck! I was dubious about the shavings resistant fabric but it actually does work! I was concerned that he would feel cold in the evening when I went to check him but he was lovely and toastie – even with a hunter clip.


The soft hairs of the artificial rabbit skin helps your horses coat shine. It also prevents your horses hair from sticking to the lining helping reducing the need for cleaning.

Another amazing feature about this rug (like all Kentucky products) is that you can simply jusr put it in the washing machine on a bog standard 30c wash and it comes out gleaming.


The RRP of the rug is £147 but man is it worth it, this rug has now also become his show/travel rug throughout the winter months as it just looks so smart. . It doesn’t look like your ‘normal’ stable rug, it has animal friendly leather fittings, it is luxuriously made and is definitely perfect for my Princess Gelding - especially when it is doubled up with the Kentucky sheepskin halter.

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