Here at Equissimo we are passionate about supporting grass roots riders. We like to do things differently here and we believe in helping to support and develop people who share our values of buying quality items that improve rider performance and either improve or are neutral to Equine Welfare.

We value the importance of Brand Ambassadors to both showcase the products that we offer and to provide support and guidance to riders who wish to learn more about the brands we stock.

We are incredibly excited that the time has come to expand our team of brand ambassadors for 2019.

If you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador for Equissimo, the first thing that we would recommend you do is read our blog So you want to be a brand ambassador

How to apply!

So you have read our blog mentioned above and you feel that you are the right type of person to be a brand ambassador for Equissimo please read on!


1. You MUST be based in the UK

2. You MUST be passionate about Equine Welfare and of moral character

3. You MUST be active across social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube) and willing to share you and your horses progress publically

4. You MUST be passionate about the brands that Equissimo stock (and be able to demonstrate that you own and use the products we stock). Equissimo only stock brands that are of a high quality and either improve or are neutral to equine welfare.

5. You MUST be able to post a minimum of twice a week and ideally more across social media about your progress, performance and Equissimo supplied products and promotions.

6. You MUST love to live your life online and engage with people

7. You MUST be willing to work as part of a team and get involved in team events. 

8. You MUST be at least 18 years of age

9. You MUST be free to be able to blog and post about anything and not be restricted by any prior agreements.

10. You MUST be professional, mature and your social media pages should reflect this.

Does this sound like something that you can do?

Great! Well done for reading this far, if you are still interested you could be the right person for us!

How to apply

To apply we want you, throughout the month of February 2019 to tell us all about you and your horse.

We want to see your social media posts about your highs and lows and the Equissimo products that you love. 

Throughout the month we will be running challenges, Q&A's and mini events that will help us find the right people who will fit into our existing team.

To make sure that we see your posts please ensure that our relevant Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages are tagged in using our @equissimo handle, and use the hashtag #teamequissimo. Don't forget to like all our social media pages so you see all our latest posts.

In March 2019 we will review all the entries and then announce our new Brand Ambassadors in April.


Applications are not required, we will only be choosing our successful brand ambassadors from the ones who have engaged with us throughout the month of February 2019 via social media.

Applications via comments, email, messenger etc will not be monitored.

We are really looking forward to seeing all your posts and we can't wait to announce our new brand ambassadors.

Good Luck!



Comments (2)

Good luck everyone 🤞🏻🍀🤞🏻

Lucie Jones

I would absolutely love this opportunity for this brand as I honeslty think your gear is just stunning. I’m a 15year old junior rider based in West Sussex, I have 5ponies 3 of my own and 2 I ride for someone else. I have competed up to foxhunter (1.10m) and will hopefully qualify for a few big shows this year, i am currently competing between newcomers and foxhunter and will hoefully trying 1.15m in mid this year, I would truly love to be able to express your brand to others as I think it is beautiful. I post on social media basically everyday and will always show off your gear I will also always make sure to mention you to friends and family riders that I know. I really hope I get the chance to be able to be brand ambassador for you.

Ella Spearing

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