In the run up to Christmas, our fabulous team of Brand Ambassadors have been sharing what items are on their Christmas list from Equissimo this year.
Next to share is Zoe,

Kentucky Horsewear Show Rug

I think this rug speaks for itself!

The inside of the rug is lined with artificial rabbit skin, which helps your horses coat shine. Another benefit is that is helps prevent your horses hair from sticking to the lining. This means washing the rug at 30 in your washing machine is easy.

Rammed with quality and style, this rug is definitely on Brian's Christmas List.

Kentucky Horsewear Show Rug 6'0 - 7'0 £173

Kentucky Horsewear Show Rug

Kentucky Horsewear Air Tech Eventing Boots

I am really drawn to these boots because I have their Tendon and Fetlock boots and I know just how amazing they are, they always keep legs cool and can be thrown in the washing machine at 30 and come out looking as good as new. The Air Tech eventing boots are just as easy to look after.

The eventing boots have 5 breathable layers of protection for your horse so you know your horse is protected.

Kentucky Horsewear Air Tech Eventing Boots Cob/Full

Kentucky Horsewear Air Tech Eventing Boots

Animo Noa Breeches

I have been eyeing these up for a while!

I borrowed a friends Animo jacket at a British Showjumping show as I forgot mine (ooops) I was overwhelmed by the comfort and quality. I had so much movement in it and I have always wondered what the breeches would be like.

I feel like I need to treat myself to a shiny new white pair, especially now I have a horse to compete on a regular basis.

Animo Noa Breeches Size 8-16 White, Navy or Beige

 Animo Noa Breeches

Animo Basilea Show Shirt.

Following on from the above, the quality of the Animo show shirt is 10/10. My current show shirt is about 2 years old and is slowly falling apart.

I'm always intrigued by Animo and their products everything always looks amazing.

Animo Basilea Show Shirt Size 8-16 White or Navy

Animo Basilea Competition Shirt

Tech Stirrups Venice Sloped

I am already a huge Tech Stirrups fan as I ride in the Athena Showjumping Version. The grip is just immense and they have saved by butt a few times.

The Venice safety version has always been on my wish list and now they are making a sloped version I am very happy. I have suffered with my ankle after tearing ligaments and just a slight slope takes all the pressure off. It is great to be combining the performance of the Athena with the safety of the Venice.

Tech Stirrups Venice Sloped, Available in 8 colour options.

Tech Stirrups Venice Sloped


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