In the run up to Christmas, our fabulous team of Brand Ambassadors have been sharing what items are on their Christmas list from Equissimo this year.
First to share is Amy,
Mark Todd Winter Riding Leggings
I currently own 6 pairs of these in all the colours. I love them. Warm and comfy without being bulky and great grip. They never fall down and the elastic lasts (believe me, I’ve washed them so many times) and the elastic feel makes them super flattering. I would never go back to any other riding leggings after these. I am Loving the new Petrol and Anthracite colour after having just the plain black and navy for so long. And they have a phone pocket!
Mark Todd Winter Riding Leggings are available in two colours in sizes 8-16 £59 Click here to see more.
Mark Todd Riding Tights Winter
Kentucky Horsewear boot Cleaner.
This stuff is a godsend, especially if you are competing a few days apart or at an away show and want your tendon and fetlock boots looking super shiny without having to put them in a washing machine. Also a life saver for the sheepskin fluffy boots. They get them looking super shiny in seconds!
Kentucky Horsewear Boot Cleaner £8 Click here to see more.
Kentucky Horsewear Boot Cleaner
Kentucky Horsewear Soundless fly veil.
Not only is this fly veil super stylish but amazing for blocking out the sound of howling wind and rain for nervous horses. Always a bonus at winter when you have enough to deal with trying to find your way around a course of showjumps in a blowing gale!
Kentucky Horsewear Soundless Fly Veil. Available in four colours £39.
Kentucky Horsewear Soundless Fly Veil
Kingsland Classic Transparent Rain Jacket.
Super stylish jacket to protect you from the British winter weather while still allowing you to show off your beautiful pride-and-joy show jacket underneath – without getting it soaking wet- genius!!
Kingsland Classic Transparent Rain Jacket in sizes 8-18 £38.
Kingsland Classic Transparent Rain Jacket
Miasuki Bobbie Socks.
I love these socks so much. Super stylish and warm! They are thick enough to provide protection against rubbing boots, and stylish enough to wear with short boots but also not bulky meaning my boots won’t do up (like a lot of the winter ones I’ve come across!)
Miasuki Bobbie Socks Available in sizes S-L £35.

Miasuki Bobbie Socks


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