In the run up to Christmas, our fabulous team of Brand Ambassadors have been sharing what items are on their Christmas list from Equissimo this year.
Last to share is Sophie,

Kentucky Horsewear Quarter Rug

This has been firmly on my Christmas, Birthday, Easter and in fact any kind of list as soon as I first laid eyes on it. Oh my goodness it’s beautiful! I’ve ummed and ahhed over it; Remmi is the sort of pony that gets super warm within five minutes so does he really need it?! What be perfectly acceptable would be to receive it as a present from Santa! We all love to receive indulgent presents from time to time and this would absolutely tick that box for me!

Kentucky Horsewear Quarter Rug Available in Medium or Large in Navy or Red £85

Kentucky Horsewear Quarter Rug

Kingsland Posadas Knitted Headband

For it isn’t Christmas unless I receive some sort of knitted item to keep my head warm. Be it hat or head warmer I’m always VERY grateful. The subtle silver flecks in this one of course caught my eye; Winter is hard so it’s the little things in life that help to get us out of bed on cold, frosty mornings and for me, it’s sparkles!

Kingsland Posadas Knitted Headband £36

Kingsland Posadas Knitted Headband

Kingsland Classic Transparent Rain Coat

Practical, useful presents are a big YES from me so receiving one of these ‘pack a mac’ type waterproofs would put a huge smile on my face. Let’s put it like this, we all own a beautiful, quilted, down jacket and yes they look AMAZING but they are never the most waterproof. Less than ideal when you’re currently in the middle of a U.K. winter! These are perfect to throw over the top = Stylish AND dry, it’s a win, win!

Kingsland Classic Transparent Rain Coat £38

Kingsland Transparent Rain Jacket

Mark Todd Winter Riding Tights

I got my first pair of these back in September and I can pretty much count on one hand the times I’ve not ridden in them, I literally LIVE in them. They are practical, hardwearing and super flattering! You’ll be quick to question your size choice when you receive them, as they appear rather small but you need not worry! I imagine there is only a small number of us that feel super confident in most breeches but these magically squeeze all your lumps and bumps into them, resulting in a not too bad overall picture!

Mark Todd winter riding leggings, available in grey or navy £59

Mark Todd Winter Riding Leggings

Montar Amber Star Sweatshirt

Much like receiving a knitted piece of headwear again it wouldn’t be Christmas morning for me if I didn’t get at least one star themed present. Stars are ‘my thing’, I just absolutely love them! This Montar jumper just has my name written all over it stars and sparkle, I needn’t say anymore!

Montar Amber Star Sweatshirt Available in sizes 8-16 in navy, grey, khaki or brown. £59

Montar Amber Star Sweatshirt

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