In the first of our new series, we talk you through the top 3 trending products this week.

We see a different demand for products each week. This can be due to the change in weather, competition schedule or simply a new fashion. Sometimes the demand is for rider products and other times people are desperate for exclusively horse products.

Here at Equissimo we have a wide range of both horse and rider products and regularly see trends and demand change from not only week to week but from day to day.

Each week we will talk you through our top 3 trending products that you, our customers love.

Number 3

Tech Stirrups Aphrodite Dressage Stirrups.

Tech Stirrups Aphrodite Dressage Stirrups in black and silver

Image courtesy of Sand Arena Ballerina

These unique stirrups from Tech Stirrups allow you to communicate with your horse in a different way to other stirrups. 

They feature a unique titanium grip, a specialised angle that allows your foot freedom of movement and a stirrup leather slot designed to keep your stirrup in the correct position, even if you lose it.

These stirrups also allow you to gain a greater sense of balance and security in the saddle. Improving your sitting trot and resulting in increased comfort for both horse and rider.

With fantastic and impartial reviews available, these stirrups are essential for all dressage riders.

Number 2

Miasuki Rider Helmet in Black.

Miasuki Rider Helmet Kep italia

Miasuki is a premium Italian brand that focuses on luxury clothing for female horse riders. 

This lightweight helmet has been designed by Miasuki and engineered by KEP Italia. This means that they benefit from all the same features as KEP Cromo helmets with the added benefit of standing out from the crowd with the stunning design.

Featuring 5 different safety ratings and weighing just 500g it also benefits from a unique cooling system. In the current spell of extended hot weather, it's no surprise that this helmet is our second highest trending product.

This helmet is available at an introductory price of £269.75 - RRP £415

Number 1

Kingsland Karina F-Tec Riding Tights

Kingsland F-tec Karina riding tights

From Kingsland Equestrian, the Karina F-Tec riding tights have been designed to keep horse riders cool in the hot summer months.

These riding tights offer superb comfort for the rider. The innovative discreet mesh patches ensure you stay cool in the saddle.They are also designed to offer extra flexibility through the knee and leg which make them ideal for training.

Like all of Kingsland Equestrian's products, the quality is superb and these will last to become a longstanding staple of your summer wardrobe.

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