We see a different demand for products each week. This can be due to the change in weather, competition schedule or simply a new fashion. Sometimes the demand is for rider products and other times people are desperate for exclusively horse products.

Here at Equissimo we have a wide range of both horse and rider products and regularly see trends and demand change from not only week to week but from day to day.

Each week we will talk you through our top 3 trending products that you, our customers love.

Number 3

Cowboy Magic Yellowout Shampoo

Cowboy Magic Yellowout Shampoo .

As the weather has started to change to become more Autumnal and we have had more rain than over the last few months it is understandable that our range of Cowboy Magic Shampoo has seen a surge in sales.

This fantastic product is ideal for horses of all coat colours but is particularly effective on grey horses or horses with white legs / white patches. This great shampoo neutralises yellow stains that naturally build up from grass, mud and urine and leaves a fantastic shine.

Number 2

Tech Stirrups Aphrodite Dressage Stirrups

Tech Stirrups Aphrodite Dressage Stirrups in Black and Silver .

From Tech Stirrups, the Aphrodite Dressage Stirrup has consistently been one of our most popular items.

These fantastic stirrups are ideal for helping you secure a strong lower leg. Uniquely designed with a heavy tread the weight balance ensures you can keep your stirrups and if you do loose them, the unique stirrup leather hole sits in such a way that ensures you quickly regain them.

Here we have an independent review of the stirrups by Horse and Hound Magazine

Number 1

Miasuki Winner Helmet Amarone

Miasuki Winner Helmet in Amarone .

Designed in Miasuki's house colour of Amarone, it is no wonder that this stunning helmet has quickly become our best selling helmet.

Engineered by KEP Italia, it benefits from 5 unique safety ratings, an innovative cooling system and weighs just 500 grams.

It comes with a soft bag to store the helmet in and help prevent scratches and scuffs. It also comes with a cleaning kit to ensure it stays looking fabulous!








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