Miasuki Winner Helmet RRP £490 Available in sizes 51-62

I was lucky enough to be the recipient of this beautiful riding hat a few months ago. Until then I was always pretty happy in my cheaper hats – of which I have a few. Sure they got sweaty and smelly but they’re riding hats, that’s just how they get right?

Wrong!! To start with, when you take the beautiful Miasuki helmet from its bag the first thing you will notice; apart from how absolutely stunning it is – is how light it is. If you’re like me and have managed with cheaper £70/80 hats then you too will be AMAZED.

Not only is it light but it’s ridiculously comfy. I have worn it for hours at a time and I forget I have it on. I receive any number of compliments when at shows.

I wore it through ‘The Great Scorch of Summer 2018’ and hardly broke a sweat due to the vents to help keep your head cool, the removable liners are a godsend, pop it out, wash it, back in and fresh as a daisy! Super easy, especially if I can manage.

The hat is engineered by KEP so I am reassured that I have the absolute best protection which is great, and also means that if you’re not sure what size to buy – whatever you are in KEP is what you will be in this stunner

Treat your head, I can guarantee you won’t regret it.

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