Animo Nuxi breeches RRP £245 - SALE £171.50

My first pair of Animo breeches are everything I wished for. I’ve only ever bought second hand Animo before as I’ve not always had the money to spend. But as it was my birthday I decided to treat myself & go for the Nuxi Breeches. 


The first thing I would like to make quite clear is the breeches are absolutely worth every penny. The breeches are undeniably top quality & when I compared the shade of white to my other show breeches I was stunned. These breeches are pristine white, I’m yet to find anything in the house that compares shade wise. 


The detailing is nothing less than perfect, Animo have the fine details down to an art. Of course I chose the breeches with some Swarovski crystals on the back pockets. The crystals themselves are stunning & they are subtle. Personally I could have more bling but Animo are an elegant & sophisticated brand which the fine design reflects. If you’re looking for just the right amount of sparkle but to still maintain the traditional breeches style these will not disappoint. 


As I compete a young horse who throws some big jumps technical comfort is almost as important as Swarovski crystals. I felt very comfortable & at the same time the breeches maintained fitted. I love a pair of fitted breeches, the Nuxi are flattering with a rise waist to keep you comfortable in the saddle. 


One of my favourite features of these breeches is the silicone grip. I usually opt for full silicone seat & knee if given the choice but the Animo grip system is excellent & I find silicone on the knees to be perfect.


In Summary:


Do I recommend this product?

Yes, I don’t believe there are a whiter pair of breeches on the market!


Is it value for money? 

If you take into account the quality & superb tailoring of the product yes they are. My current second hand pair are still going strong after 4 years with myself alone. I’ve never had to have any repairs done so whilst the initial cost is higher than an average pair of breeches you will not need to replace them in a hurry. 


My Favourite thing about them?

The Swarovski Crystal detail is simply gorgeous.

Animo Nuxi Breeches

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