Anna Scarpati Fede Competition Shirt RRP £70

’ve always fancied a sleeveless shirt as I think they look really smart and athletic, but  I have big shoulders with a small waist and big hips so I’ve always struggled to find something that would fit.

I took the plunge and ordered an Anna Scarpati sleeveless shirt, which I couldn’t wait to try on and I was ecstatic that it fit like an absolute dream! There’s plenty of room around your arms and shoulders which gives you freedom of movement when you’re jumping. It fits well without sagging or clinging to your fat bits so it keeps you looking smart.

I recently jumped in it at an unaffiliated show and I got quite a few compliments about how smart it looked. It’s lovely and long in the body so you have no worries with your tummy or back fat falling out half way through your round, but it’s not ‘over long’ so it all scrumples up inside your breeches.

Considering it keeps you so cool whilst you’re riding, you’d think that it’d be relatively see-through but it’s not, I wore a sports bra underneath and you could barely see it. The material and style isn’t comprised to keep you cool. 

It’s got lovely detailed cuffs on the sleeves (which are grey so that made me incredibly happy) that are so soft which a huge positive as they don’t irritate your arms like some cheaper brands can do.

The collar is a combination of buttons and poppers so it stays lovely and secure without feeling like you’re being strangled. 

I’ve washed it a few times and it’s still sparkly and white, also it doesn’t lose its shape so it’s practically like new each time you wear it.

It is a beautiful all-round shirt that also comes in a lush burgundy colour which would be perfect for hacking or training in.

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