Cowboy Magic Greenspot Remover from £12

Any owner of a grey horse has probably spent an age looking for the perfect whitening solution for those tails, socks, body, poo and mud patches that seem to appear out of nowhere and that grey horses seem to be a magnet for.

Ice is my third grey horse, and our families fourth, and I have spent years testing products and always left a bit disappointed. Either it doesn’t get them properly white, or it takes so long and I end up wetter than them!

Now I am lucky that Ice is still relatively dark but he does have fading cheeks. He is an ISH part hippo...who seeks out his muddy wallow every night to really rub his cheeks in and sometimes the entire front on his face too!

We regularly attend lessons, clinics and competitions so I was looking for something that would work quickly and hopefully would mean I would stay a bit drier.

I recently purchased the Cowboy Magic Greenspot Remover as I had heard good things about it but was still a little sceptical. Could it really work on Ice’s cheeks?

Well the answer is yes, yes it can! This truly is magic. A couple of sprays onto his cheeks/top of his neck and a good massage in, turns the invisible spray into a brown foam. Good start! Then with a damp cloth, or I have also used a damp sponge, a quick wipe over the area and the brown has instantly gone. I didn’t quite believe it at first so did a bit more and sure enough the same thing happened. I had spotless cheeks in less than 10minutes, and I was still dry at the end of it. This is now my must have grooming product that I cannot be without!

Luckily Equissimo does various sizes so I can have one for home use and one to put in Ice’s competition box.

Cowboy Magic Greenspot Remover

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I just wanted to drop a note and also say that this is the one product i cant not live without! i also have the whitening shampoo and the coat shine spray from cowboy magic. Bailey loves to Roll and always ends up with grass stains or Poo patches when he is in, and they all get rid of them so quickly and easy!

Highly recommended product.

Rachael Skinner

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