Montar Clothing

What can I Say about Montar, if you have read my other reviews on the breeches, they are a new brand for me, and I love the quality and my collection is certainly getting bigger! I don’t know how they can offer the prices they do with the quality they have! It really knocks a lot of brands out of the water!

So let’s start off with the T shirt.

Straight away the biggest give away is the slogan, as it is perfect for me “guys before Horses” and I'm sure this is the case for many of others too. It is also set on a lovely dusty pink so I newt I was going to love the top. Best thing about this dusty pink, its also a great hit with riders that don’t normally wear or like pink! So lets move onto the material which is the key thing when buying clothing. The material is the best material out of all my tops I own it really is high quality and fits amazing.  It is great for the stables but also with a nice pair of jeans! But for now, I will be keeping this for good wear and not the stables just yet.

Swiftly moving onto the belt as this matches the top too, but I also love because I love belts. The colour is divine, it is a lovely chocolate and caramel colour. It has a nice stretch and fully adjustable to your size.

The good thing with this belt not only does it look goo with non horsey cloths, it is also amazing for riding, due to having the stretch, when your riding and jumping they stretch with your position, so this makes it ideal for us riders. Comfort is key.

But fear not if brown is not your colour you want a different colour they also come them in the following colours; Black/grey, Navy/blue, Ruby red

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