JIN Stirrups - Absolutely worth every penny!


After years of replacing treads just to keep my stirrups looking clean and smart for both training and competing I decided to make the switch to Jin Stirrups.


I chose the Jin classic in silver. RRP £165


I was initially drawn to them because they don’t have tread that needs replacing like cheaper stirrups, however they are so much more.


They are super light weight, much lighter than traditional metal stirrups. The foot plate is wide yet sleek and allows my foot to sit comfortably and securely in the stirrup.


The moulded metal foot base gives superb grip and I credit my Jin Stirrups for securing my feet through a few tricky spooks and spins over the years!


And for OCD people like me they are easy to clean and look as good as the day I purchased them.


I love that they come in a huge range of colours (they can even be engraved with your horses or your name) and I will soon no doubt be adding to my collection.


Take a look at the range of Jin Stirrups here


Jin Stirrups Dressage

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