Kentucky Horsewear Sheepskin Anatomic Girth RRP £164.00

I am so pleased with my Kentucky Sheepskin Anatomic girth purchase. I was a bit sceptical about buying a synthetic leather girth as I thought it may look a bit plasticy, but I promise you I couldn’t tell that it wasn’t and the stitching just finishes it off. The bonus with it being faux leather is that it has been so super easy to clean, whether it be a quick wipe down to get rid of grease or a warm water wash after cross country, and that includes the sheepskin that can be popped in the wash at 30’c which save me no end of time! I have also found that when using the girth Bumble does seem it be a little looser and offered a better stride length, I think this must be down to its anatomical fit, it’s designed to shape around the elbow so that the shoulder can move freely, and I feel this is something he has really benefitted from.

I went for a sheepskin girth as I felt it would be softer on the skin with a little extra protection. With Bumble being grey I do find he has more sensitive skin, and rubs can be one of those reactions. This girth really helps to combat that and I have peace of mind that he’s going to be comfortable with and after tack. The level of comfort doesn’t stop there, the girth is elasticated at both ends this helps to provide even tension and pressure on the girth, it can move with the horse instead of sitting fixed against it, which is a huge plus for me. In the past when I have used elasticated buckles on girths I have found the elastic to have too much give, this means you’re actually prone to over tightening, defeating the pressure releasing idea, the Kentucky girth however has thick, strong elastic which makes me feel confident that I am not doing this.

I give the girth a 10/10, any product that is animal friendly and has the horses comfort as a priority wins in my eyes!

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