Kentucky Horsewear Anatomic Girth RRP  £120

I’ve always been sceptical about anatomic girths - until I purchased the Kentucky Horsewear Anatomic Girth from Equissimo.

I am a huge fan of Kentucky products as they are incredibly high quality yet low maintenance. 

Brian just feels a lot more free in his movement when we ride in it, it fits around him perfectly and is designed to follow your horses natural gait. It’s relieved any pressure that would’ve been caused from an ordinary girth. The girth is very soft and just moulds around Brian, it can also be folded up which makes it rather easy to pack when you’re travelling to and from competitions.

It looks incredibly smart and is the easiest piece of tack to care for - to clean it you simply just pop it in the washing machine at 30c as it’s made from artificial leather it washes beautifully and looks a good as new each time you use it. The yellow stitching on it hasn’t lost it’s brilliant colour and it remains looking brand new. 

It has a very handy clip in the centre which makes attaching and detaching your martingale an absolute breeze, this also allows you to whip it off quickly to cool your horse down after Cross Country when everything is soggy and muddy. 

I’ve been using it a few months now and it’s proved to be incredibly durable, we’ve been cross country, show jumping and hacking - and the girth remains to be in perfect condition. It is also scratch resistant which allows it to keep its perfect look. 

Also the strong elastic hasn’t lost any of its toughness, it’s on both sides of the girth so it allows equal pressure. 

Kentucky also do a sheepskin version which I’m currently eyeing up as it’s truly beautiful - I’m pretty sure my horse wouldn’t complain either 

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