Kentucky Horsewear Anatomic Halter RRP £88

I have always travelled in leather headcollars for the safety aspect of them snapping in an emergency and so wanted to look at this product as an alternative to real leather.

I recently purchased a Kentucky Horsewear anatomic head collar, previously I have been wary of buying false leather head collars as was concerned about the quality and style of material. However, since receiving the Kentucky Horsewear head collar all I have to say is good things about it, it’s super soft, a lovely design and fits really well on all my horses.

The buckles are very good, as they fit flush to the headpiece, so there are not points for it to dig in, also unlike many headcollars they are of very good quality and as of yet have showed no signs of breaking. I really like the anatomical design and headpiece, not only is it an attractive design, it sits away from the ears, reducing any points of pressure especially during the long journeys that my horses often travel for.

I used to travel the horses with sheepskin or a gel headpiece over the poll in order to make the traditional headcollars more comfortable, but with this headcollar these additions are not necessary. It is very easy to care for, you can simply put it in the washing machine and it comes out looking brand-new. There is no oiling or soaping required after use, simply a wipe over with a cloth brings it up nicely.

The head collar has a very elegant look, the colour is lovely and I really like the rolled leather noseband which gives it a lovely distinctive finish. It has a very reasonable price for the quality of the product and I’m sure in the future I’ll be investing in more for the team.

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