Kentucky Horsewear colour edition saddle pads RRP £53

I now happily own two of these gorgeous saddle pads;

I’ve got one for my mare Luna and one for my Gelding Bumble. I chose both in navy but with difference trim detail. 

I was planning on keeping them for best, but I may have not been able to resist them on several occasions! Now this may be a weird thing to love, but for me one of the best things about these saddle pads is the lack of straps. I hate the straps that you are meant to attach to the first girth leather or the D-ring, I never do it! I like to put my saddle pad on separate to my saddle to make sure its lying flat and even and to take it off and let it air. So I definitely can’t be bothered with the faff of putting these straps on and off each time and then they just hang there, in the way and looking untidy. So when I saw that these Kentucky saddle pads didn’t have them, with the clean lined design, I knew they were for me.

The thickness and the weight of these saddle pads is just right. I hate a saddle pad that feels cheap and thin, as it provides no comfort to the horse and likewise, one that is over padded and thick, could alter the fit of the saddle and again give discomfort.

To me Kentucky have got the balance spot on, every angle has been thought about  the design and I would highly recommend you try one, and with the amount of colours available there’s one for everyone!

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