Kentucky Horsewear Colour Edition Saddlepad RRP £53

This saddle pad is a must have for anyone!

It is a super hardwearing saddle pad that comes in a variety of gorgeous colours and complimenting trims that are suitable for both use at home in bright and vibrant colour combinations, or as part of a cross country colour set, but also in more conservative colours for general competitions use.

The saddle pad is a great weight, it is lovely and padded to ensure comfort to the horse under the saddle, but equally not too thick that is might interfere with saddle fit. The material used is super soft, and doesn’t change once washed, it stays really smooth and lovely, making sure that the horse is comfy.

In order to prevent overheating of the back this saddle pad is really breathable and wicking – stopping any rubbing or irritation of the horse’s skin, particularly after a fresh clip! The saddle pad is workman-like but also has details that make it stand out. The lovely colour options are really set-off by the different trim colours, which are also complimented by the bright white piping.

The Kentucky Horsewear logo gives this saddle pad a lovely smart look, but equally is not too stand-out and gives a modest finish. A key feature of this saddle pad for me is the lack of d-ring straps, just the girth loops, as I have close-contact jump and dressage saddles. I have been complimented on this stylish saddle pad by many of my friends. I really rate this saddle pad and will be looking to expand my collection in the near future!

There are colours to suit every horse and with the great price tag for quality and finish, compared to many other saddle pads on the market, I feel that my collection may grow faster than expected!

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