Kentucky Horsewear Leather Turnout Boots RRP from £57.00
Kentucky Horsewear Turnout Boots
I have now ridden in these boots a few times and can honestly say I absolutely love them.

The artificial leather exterior offers great protection with artificial sheepskin inside to wick away sweat and two velcro straps to keep the boots firmly in place, so no moving!

Despite it being a glorious sunny day yesterday, the artificial sheepskin was damp to touch but Ozzie’s legs were nice and dry
The artificial leather does not absorb any dirt, sweat or water making them incredibly durable.

The best thing about these boots is that they are machine washable so no need to worry about cleaning them! (Kentucky cleaning products are available to finish off with a glossy shine). I usually find that boots with sheepskin inside don’t wash well, which is one reason I chose the Kentucky boots as all their products are machine washable.

Ozzie loves a good rub once he’s finished his workout and almost always slobbers all over his boots (which is very annoying when you have beautiful shiny white boots!!). Needless to say he slobbered all over his new boots, much to my disappointment. But I needn't have worried - a quick wipe down with a damp sponge and they came up as good as new
As well as being used for training/competing/ schooling for various disciplines these boots can also be used in the field for Turnout.

The boots are available in three different colours - Black, brown and white. The darker colours would be more advisable for the field!

They also come in different sizes, as well as front and hind sizes meaning there is plenty of choice for all sizes.


Are these boots value for money? Yes, these boots are not cheap but I definitely think they are value for money. As well as being used for training/competing these boots can also be used for Turnout and are available in three different colours - Black, brown and white.

My favourite thing about the boots? They offer plenty of protection, wicks away sweat ensuring the legs don’t overheat and are machine washable.

Would I recommend these boots? Yes, 100%.

Kentucky Horsewear Turnout Boots

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