Kentucky Horsewear Lightweight Stable Rug – RRP £147.00

Wow wow, wow, is all I can say! 

Since moving back to the UK from South Africa with Sharp, I have had to replace and buy pretty much everything from scratch for him, as shipping rugs over from SA was just not an option, and I wasn’t 100% sure whether they would actually arrive in the UK – you just can’t risk it! So having replaced his stable rugs and turnout rugs and everything else that goes with him, the one thing that I have been longing for is a decent stable rug that is smart enough to use as a show and Travelling rug!

Firstly, I will just say that having bought this rug – it is too gorgeous to ruin by ever using it as a stable rug for Mr Sharp – he is too disgusting and will most probably trash it, and I just can’t do that!! So therefore, this rug will be used for when Sharp and I travel to Shows and clinics! 

This beautiful rug features an artificial rabbit skin lining which helps Sharp stay warm by trapping air in micro pockets. The lining is ideal for sensitive horses as it is very soft and helps prevents rubbing – great news for Sharp as he is very sensitive indeed, especially when clipped! The soft hairs of the artificial rabbit skin also has helped Sharp’s coat shine – it’s amazing.

I was slightly worried that being a 0g fill rug, that he may get a bit cold when travelling, however the micro pockets that trap the air, really do work, and he has been kept snug and warm each time we have travelled anywhere! So now I am really looking forward to taking him out to some shows and Clinics over the winter, as we can look super smart at the show ground, rather than stick out like a sore thumb in an old fleece – like we used to!!

In summary:
Is this Rug Value for Money? – Absolutely it is, it’s gorgeous to look at with durable outer fabric, and extremely soft artificial Rabbit fur lining, that is machine washable at 30 – I haven’t as yet washed it as have only used it twice, but have no fear to do so, as I believe in the Kentucky Range. It keeps Sharp warm and toasty even with 0g filling and is a top-quality product that doesn’t have the extortionate price tag!!
What do I love most about this rug? – The artificial rabbit fur lining without a doubt!! It’s soft and luxurious to touch, it also helps keep the shine on Sharp’s coat, as well as keeping him warm, but most of all the lining gives me piece of mind, as it is ideal for Sharp’s sensitive skin, and I know that it won’t cause him any discomfort or rubs!
Would I recommend this rug to others? – Yes 150% I would recommend this rug to others – its Is ideal for travelling and keeping your horses warm whilst at clinics and shows, its lightweight and durable, and as with all Kentucky products it is machine washable at 30 and so can look sparkly clean always! Finally, it is just absolutely beautiful to look at and really does stand out on your horse in a crowd for all the right reasons – what more could you ask for?!

I will certainly be saving up for all the other rugs in the Kentucky range, to complete the set!!

Kentucky Horsewear Lightweight Stable Rug

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