Kentucky Lightweight (0g) Stable Rug RRP £147

The first word that comes to mind when describing this rug is BEAUTIFUL. It’s the perfect choice to keep your horse clean and warm.

I have to admit that I didn’t actually want to put it on my horses as a stable rug as it’s so beautiful, so I’ve kept it for best and I only use it at shows, that way they look posh when sleeping away. I personally feel that the rug could be used as a travel rug as it is beautifully lined and looks the part.

The rug is lined with artificial rabbit skin, which to touch feels absolutely amazing, I only wish they did coats for people as nice as they make their rugs! This unique lining helps keep the horses warm and is perfect for horses with sensitive skin like my main horse Ozzie, helps prevent rubbing and also keeps the coat shiny – perfect for pre competition!

Even with the beautiful faux rabbit skin lining this stable rug is machine washable (at 30 degrees), so no need to worry if they are pigs in the stable like some of my horses! 

RRP for this rug is £147.00


My favourite thing about this rug? The artificial rabbit skin lining, you actually have to feel it to believe how beautiful it is.

Would I recommend this rug? Absolutely, i only wish they made clothing range for people. The rug is made beautifully and I would highly recommend Kentucky Horseware in future. My top horse has lots of allergies and very sensitive skin so I’m delighted to have found a rug that suits his sensitive skin. 

Is this rug value for money? Yes, at first I thought it was quite a bit of money to spend on a stable rug (especially a 0g stable rug), but having used the rug I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one. The quality is second to none!

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