Kentucky Horsewear Nylon Halter RRP £35.00
I think this is one of the biggest bargains ever, you get so much quality for such a small cost. This head collar is only £35.00 and I think is amazing as a you’re getting a product from a top end brand for a very good price. It’s available in 3 different colours - the colours are all traditional (black, natural and brown) so they keep their classy look. 
Brian is bright bay and just looks so smart when he is wearing it at shows, the white on black contrast just makes it ‘pop’ and it really compliments his colour.
I use this head collar for travelling and for around the yard, it’s durable and can face up to all weathers. Brian has rubbed the head collar on concrete walls, the stable door and in the trailer - it’s not affected the head collar in any way at all which is always a good thing! 
It would be ideal for sensitive horse as it’s fully synthetic and nylon, the sheepskin is synthetic and doesn’t lose its ‘poofy’, even after washes. Like all Kentucky products it can be washed in the washing machine at 30c and left to hang dry - it just looks perfect after each wash.
I’ve had this head collar for quite a long time now and washed it a fair amount and it’s not lost any of it’s smartness. 
The metal on the head collar hasn’t shown any sign of tarnishing and remain incredibly strong (even with my washing addiction). These head collars are very true to size and provide the right amount of comfort for your horse - they can also easily slip over bridles at shows.
If you do fancy something with additional protection then Kentucky also do a travelling halter which is £44 more than this one - but it is absolutely stunning and very much worth every penny.

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