Kentucky Horsewear Sheepskin Cover RRP £26

I have to say that I have a bit of a soft spot when it comes to all things fluffy and soft!

I really love being able to spoil my horses with sheepskin covers on any piece of tack possible! However, the downside to this is that often sheepskin is tricky to wash and after a few washes can become slightly ruined.

This is where the Kentucky Horsewear range comes in! All their sheepskin covers are faux and so not only does that make them super easy to wash and clean it also makes them ‘animal cruelty-free’. As eventers all of my horses do a lot of cantering and jumping, and nine times out of ten are wearing breastplate. Therefore, I bought this sheepskin breastplate cover. A few of mine have sensitive skin, particularly once clipped and I have found that this breastplate cover has stopped all irritation on their chests.

The design makes it easy to use as I just either slip it over the breast girths or undo the Velcro and re-attach it to the lower strap of the breastplates. The Velcro fastening is really good and secure so I don’t have to worry about it coming undone.

The breastplate cover is a good width and fits all my different makes and types of breastplate. I think it is great that this breastplate cover comes in three different colours (natural, black and brown) as it gives people the option to either match it to their tack and let it blend in or allows it to feature as a stand out cover in the natural colour. Alongside protecting the horse in preventing rubbing under the tack it also has a good role in protecting the tack itself from sweat and dirt – particularly so for me when I’m eventing!

As with all the Kentucky Horsewear range I feel that this cover is great value for money at £26.00.

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