Kentucky Horsewear Sheepskin Girth RRP £74. Available in Black or Brown and in sizes 115 (46) - 145 (58)

I bought this girth as my new, very sensitive skinned mare was struggling with rubs on her girth area. I’ve always liked the American look of the sheepskin girth but always found that the sheepskin couldn’t be detached from the girth, meaning it could never be properly cleaned, and also they came with a hefty price tag!

I came across the Kentucky sheepskin girth by chance when browsing the Equissimo website. At just under £80 it’s a fantastic price, and I prefer the faux sheepskin to the real thing as you don’t have to worry about the deterioration of a natural product, although I was worried about not being about to separate the ‘girth’ from the fluff.

Kentucky Horsewear Sheepskin Girth

Well I needn’t have worried! The faux sheepskin is softer than the real thing, my delicate mare has had no rubs since using it, and it is the easiest thing to maintain. I either wash it in the machine or jet wash it, and it comes up good as new. It’s quick drying, and if it’s washed in the morning it has been dry by the afternoon - perfect for (when you’re forgetful and disorganised before a competition! Mud and school surface brushes off it very easily once dry, and the natural colour of the faux sheepskin is a much more forgiving colour than white.

The training rings on the girth are perfect for lunging with or if you wanted to use draw reins. It’s super smart in brown and is very comfortable for the horse - I no longer have faces pulled at me when I tack up.

I’ve used this girth daily since it’s purchase and it still looks good as new. I get asked weekly what brand it is and where it can be purchased as it is so smart. The girth buckles are still good as new, unlike lots of the cheaper girths whose buckles tend to rust and deteriorate scarily quickly.

I would recommend this girth to anyone needing a smart, functional and comfortable girth that isn’t too hard on your purse yet still draws attention and lasts, even when you truly put it through its paces! I use this girth for competitions as well as everyday as it is just so smart. It is elasticated at both ends for even pressure distribution and features subtle, but ever so important, Kentucky branding.

To sum it up in a sentence - this girth is one of the best equestrian products I have ever purchased. Thank you Equissimo for stocking such beautiful and quality items that owners and horses adore.

Kentucky Horsewear Sheepskin Girth

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