Kentucky Horsewear Shipping Halter RRP £79

An item that has been on my wish list for quite a few years, has now become a gorgeous item in my tack room. I’m gutted I didn’t get it sooner because it certainly worth every penny, but the main thing is I have it now.

Now I’m not going to lie, I’m not sure Bailey would agree at first. When I walked in his stable with it, his face’s reaction on a simple “watch on earth do you have” and turned to the back of the stable. Once he had it on he straight away relaxed when he realised it wasn’t going to eat him and I think he thoroughly enjoyed the comfort. Now he wiggles his nose in it when he sees it on my arm.

It fits perfectly, the nose is not adjustable, but it would fit a big nose if needed, and although Bailey has quite a skinny nose it doesn’t look too big at all. It also has adjustable buckles both sides of the head piece, so there is plenty of room for this to fit very large heads along with smaller head sizes.

I have used this for Traveling and tying up when we are out with the horse box, I wouldn’t use this at home as I really love it so much I don’t want to ruin it. Although knowing me it will come out when I do pamper days with the horses.

One thing I didn’t realise before it arrived, it has a very smart Kentucky Plate on the side which really is a really nice finish touch to the halter.

At first, I did wish it has leather straps just to make this a bit smarter, but then soon realised it would not be machine washable! But if you did still want to have this but on Leather, they also do a 9 piece sheepskin set that you can put on your own halter and also a 4 piece as well.

This Shipping halter comes in 3 gorgeous colours – Natural, Brown and Black. But the 9 and 4 sheepskin sets are also available in these colours.

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