Kentucky Horsewear Stud Short Sheepskin Girth RRP £196.00 


My young horse is very careful and I was becoming very conscious that ‘knees to noes’ was no exaggeration with Daisy. In need of a stud guard and with Kentucky Horsewear products fast becoming a staple items in Daisy’s wardrobe their short stud guard was my number one choice. 


The sheepskin Stud girth is excellent; it offers style and substance at a very good price. Make no mistake when buying Kentucky Horsewear, they are premium products and worth every penny spent on them. Daisy has sensitive skin so I went for the faux sheepskin option, aesthetically I also love the fluffy look! The sheepskin cover is very easy to remove and machine washable at 30 degrees. 


The stud guard is anatomically shaped which in my opinion is vital when exercising your horse as it follows their natural movement and allows your horse to fully use their shoulder without restrictions or pinching. 


The girth has a very handy d- ring clip so you can quickly attach a martingale or breast plate. I personally much prefer girth’s fitted with buckles so the ‘loop’ of the martingale does not sit between the girth and your horses belly. 


Another feature I love about this girth is the leather is also artificial and is 100% animal friendly. The stud guard is scratch resistant, and doesn’t absorb sweat or dirt so very easy to maintain.


As the girth is anatomical and the girth buckles are designed for spread the pressure evenly across the belly I use this girth everyday. The Short Stud Girth also features a durable and protective EVA inner.


Easy to maintain with your tack cleaner (despite the leather being artificial). I’m not a tack cleaning enthusiast and whilst I do ensure the sheepskin lining is kept clean I do often abandon the outer girth until shows. The girth scrubs up very well and despite being cleaned once a month it always looks fabulous. 

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