Kentucky Horsewear Show Rug RRP £173

Wow Wow Wow –that’s all I can say!

I wanted this rug for about 2 years now, and I finally got it. I never investigated into it and though it was very expensive for it to just be a show/Travel Rug. I wished I looked at the description more. Not only does it look stunning and very smart, it fits perfectly and also does an amazing job at what its made to do!

I maybe biased as I have completely fallen in love with the Kentucky range the quality and designs are to die for! I wish I could have bailey head to toe in Kentucky!

Yes I will be using this when he is fully clipped out on a cold day at a show, but the main reason I purchased this as it’s a great weight for the stable, being 160g so I will be using it in the stable, as I have other Kentucky Horsewear items, I already am aware how amazing it washes up, so I have no fear to use this in the Stable.

As you can see it has a GORGEOUS artificial sheepskin Collar that goes around from the front of the neck all the way round over the withers. The inside of the rug is a extremely soft artificial rabbit Skin lining which is very unique and helps the horse stay warm. It is also great for horses with sensitive skin due to being extra soft it prevents rubbing. This lining inside also reduces the amount of hair that sticks inside – which I’ve never thought about before but really does help!

On to the outer material.  Apart from the stunning design like all the other rugs, this too is resistant to bedding :-D Which makes me very happy as there is nothing worse then a rug which gets covered in Hay/Straw or Shaving and you are unable to get them all off.

As always this product is machine washable at 30 :-D

Don’t forget you can get many other matching items, like sheets, and heavy stable rugs, along with exercise rugs that all match.

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