Kentucky Horsewear Repellent Stable Bandages RRP £44 and Kentucky Horsewear Stable Bandage Pad RRP £53

We all must get frustrated when you need to bandage your horse’s legs in the stable and the bandages get covered in bedding! Especially when you needed to wash them at home without your partner finding out and seeing all the shavings or straw everywhere.

Well here is your solution to end this! Kentucky have released Repellent Stable bandages (they also do working/exercise ones too!) Bailey wears these to keep his legs clean for shows, and if he is in the stable for a long period I put these on overnight, I was amazed with how little they had on them the next day, and with a gentle brush with the hand the rest just flicked away!

Another amazing thing with these which I didn’t really think about it is with the material compared to Polo Wraps, they don’t soak in the Poo, so they stay cleaner for a lot longer.

The length is great, and they are wider than normal bandages which makes it a lot quicker and easier to bandage the horse’s leg.

They are a must of every Horse owners stable – even if you never bandage your horse, they are great for emergency when you need them for an injury and your horse has to stay in, or even to travel in as they offer such great support and protection.

Now onto the matching bandage pads which are soft and nice and thick, with a good size they cover the leg well, they look very comfortable like pillows. They also have the same action as the bandages and repel any horse bedding, and hair, which brushes of very easily with your hand.

Both of the bandages and the Pads I have in Navy which is very smart, along with matching all of the Kentucky range very well.

Bandages and pads are well known for supporting the horse’s legs, but I fell like these give even more support, and notice more of a difference in my horses legs.

Kentucky Horsewear Stable Repellent Bandages

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