Kentucky Horsewear Stable Guard RRP - £40.00

I’m a big believer and making yard work as easy as possible, especially in Winter, so when your horse is in his stable and your grooming, tacking up or filling up his water, and for whatever reason – it’s pouring with rain – I find it so annoying having to open and close the stable door, to make sure said horse doesn’t escape. For many years, I have used a rubber covered door chain, which enables me to keep the door open and still be able to access the stable without Sharp escaping – so much easier!!

However, since becoming a brand ambassador for Equissimo, and discovering the beautiful Kentucky Horsewear brand, the one essential item on my priority buy list, was the stable guard, and so I bought one! There are a few out there on the market, but the Kentucky one is simply divine! It is stunning to look at, made of quality durable material and reinforced rings with nylon straps, that are easily shortened so that the Guard fits snugly across most stable doors. Ours are slightly narrower than your average stable door, and yet it is easy to adjust it so that it fits correctly!

But what impressed me most, was that Sharp was happy and relaxed from the minute it went up. I was a bit worried about how he would react, as when I first installed the chain, he refused to even put his head out over it unless the stable door was closed! He also doesn’t lean against the guard at all, whereas he was very happy to lean on the chain, and I was always worried that it may break especially as the clips started to rust within weeks. I have had the Kentucky Stable Guard for at least 8 weeks now and no sign of the clips or rings rusting at all.

In summary:

Is the stable Guard Value for money? Yes, absolutely it is! It’s more expensive than the stable chains, but the extra money is worth it for the quality of the materials used, and its machine washable, so you can keep it looking fabulous and clean all year round!

What do I like most about the stable guard? – Well not only is it pure quality, but its rather eye catching too, and looks fabulous when I am walking round the yard. It also shows Sharp that there is a barrier across the door, and he certainly can’t get underneath it and escape – plus the material is beautifully soft as with all Kentucky Horsewear Items!

Would I recommend the Stable Guard? – 100% yes I would recommend this stable guard – for anyone looking for ease of access into the stable whilst your horse is in there, without having to open and close the stable door – don’t buy a rubber covered stable chain – rather but the Kentucky Horsewear Stable Guard, I haven’t looked back and love the fact that I can duck under it quickly whilst Sharp is in the stable safe in the knowledge that he can’t follow me!!


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