Kentucky Horsewear Set Boots RRP £160
I’ve owned these boots for way over a year now and they are still looking a fresh as ever. They are super easy to clean and don’t lose their shape or their colour.
Again like all Kentucky products you can pop them in the washing machine at 30c and let them air dry. I use these boots religiously when jumping as I wouldn’t want to put anything else on my horses legs. Even after an hour show jumping lesson Brian’s tendons felt cool to touch after I took his boots off.
I’ve used these boots on a variety of horses, and they have fit everything that I’ve put them on - they’ve also kept their super quality and air flowing abilities even on horses with a lot a feather. 
The elastic hasn’t lost it’s strength either, it’s still as tight as when I bought them which is pretty amazing as I’ve used them probably over a 100 times. I love the popper clips and how they do up, I’ve never had an issue with them coming undone and they are super easy to whip off if you need to take them off quickly.
The Kentucky tendon boots have D30 technology throughout the tendon area. D30 technology was originally laboratory tested on motorcycle products. So you can imagine the protection quality.
They are neoprene lined that are perfect for sensitive skinned horses, I’ve never experienced rubbing or soreness from using these boots. The neoprene also has ventilation holes which also keeps your horses tendons extra cool.
At £160 a set they are worth it, your horses tendons will be kept cool and legs will be protected. They are also available in black or brown - and if your horse is super sensitive or if you prefer sheepskin then Kentucky also offer these boots in an artificial sheepskin version which holds all the same qualities and air flow as the neoprene boots.
Kentucky Horsewear Tendon Boots Elastic

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