Kingsland Classic Gloves RRP £55

I am normally a very anti-glove person. I wear them when I absolutely HAVE to and that’s it! Normally this is because I like to have a close felon the reins and I find wearing gloves can limit this or make my hands feel uncomfortable on the reins. However… this has changed since I purchased these gloves!

What originally attracted me to them is their style. They look smart and classy with the elegant branding. But they also perform amazingly! They are elasticated in the correct areas of my hand so I don’t feel restricted in any way by the glove. They also have a super grip, even after being drenched in the rain! Previous gloves I have owned often smell a bit musty after they’ve been rained on but these gloves have stayed incredibly fresh. I mainly think this is because they are very breathable. This further aids the awesome comfort the gloves provide.

The gloves have endured a lot of weather, strong horses cross country and also the beach! Normally the sea salt seems to ‘get into’ most of the materials on the glove and leave them with salt marks, makes them stiff and non-durable. However I have experienced none of the above from these gloves due to the quality materials used in the design.

The fact they are machine washable is also a huge bonus as I’m quite lazy with handwashing (opps!). They did not fray, split or shrink from washing and dried incredibly quickly afterwards. If, like me, you can be a little disorganised with these things then this is a super helpful feature!

I now wear these gloves at every competition, even jumping when I don’t actually have to wear them! They have an awesome grip, keep my hands cool and don’t interfere with the rein contact. They are like a second skin!

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